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December 15th, 2008 by vagabondlaura

WE ARE FINISHED!! After 3 months on the road, traveling through 15 states and doing 47 events, we packed the van one last time and had the bittersweet realization that we are finished with Vagabond Tour Events forever. This past week was filled with a lot of funny memories and wishing we could somehow put time on pause so this incredible adventure would not have to end. It was a good last week spent in Kansas City and Nebraska. A huge thank you to Vagabond Tim’s mom Pam for setting up an event for us in Kansas City (and housing us for 4 nights, complete with homemade cupcakes!) to Ashley and crew at KSU for pulling off a really fun event in “Manhappenin” with literally 4 days notice and 2 schedule changes (and the ceiling didn’t even fall in Ashley!!) and also to Steph and Lindsey, our two University of Nebraska Campus Reps, for making our LAST Vaga-event so wonderful.

Our last week was filled with a lot of reminiscing over the past 10 weeks, and we wanted to share with you a few of our favorite things, in no particular order:

A) Our first cupcake adventure in Austin, TX. We bought a total of 11 cupcakes between the two of us and ate one on the steps of the Capitol in the rain. This was day 1 of our favorite tradition!

B) The Shoe Box race at Evangel. Check out our week 7 video to watch this hilarious competition. Good job Cayla for being the winner!

C) Surprising the Northwest team in CO. This goes down as the most epic surprise ever and includes a 20 hour drive, lots of new friends, sea level cupcakes, and the best surprised face we have ever seen, thanks to Gypsy!

D) The TCU event. We both graduated from TCU in May, so it was a huge blessing for us to go there and share what we are doing to change the world with the place that taught us the importance of doing so. GO FROGS!

E) Listening to the radio. We now have a Vagabond memory connected with every popular song currently being played on the radio. Probably because we have listened to it for a little over 14,000 miles.

F) Lauren Allen’s TOMS collage. Our UMHB campus rep made us a piece of art that has been on the dashboard of our van, literally leading the way for us on tour.

G) JANE. Our TOMTOM navigation is named Jane and has gotten us where we need to go by telling us to “Keep left. Then keep left. Then go straight on and take the motorway.”

H) Bonnie Brae: 1 mile. The sign in Denton, TX that became the name of our Chevy Express 3500 15 passenger van.

I) House sitting for the friend of the sister of the mom of a Vagabond. It was so interesting to see how many connections we made through friends, family, and people we met on tour.

J) Playing Mexican Train and Golf ALL day Thanksgiving. For about 8 hours, we played games until we were so tired the dots on the dominos started to blur!

K) Rufus, the precious 11 week old cat we met in Chicago… and all of Laura’s other animal friends she made

L) 2 words: Midnight Madness. It is what we call the mood we get when we are really tired, or have been in the van for too long!

M) Tortilla Michael. We are SO glad Michael Goodman could make it to Edmond, OK with us!!

N) Socks with TOMS?! We finally broke down and wore socks with our TOMS when it got too cold. For Kelsey, that was less than 70 degrees, but Laura could probably make it without socks in the snow.

O) Being tourists in Chicago. We walked the Magnificent Mile, went to Millennium Park, ate a hot dog and deep dish pizza, and came across a huge protest.

P) The accent. Somehow in Santa Monica we started talking with a British accent and we can not seem to stop. We met The Carport Girls in Maryville, MO who are in the same situation. “And we know, darlings, it is mildly hard to stop!”

Q) McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Yeah, we ate there. A lot. And have all the toys saved in our van!

So that is just a taste of the never-ending memories we have from this incredible epic roadtrip to give children shoes. What a trip.

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